A downloadable masterpiece for Windows

In this game, made with RPG Maker XP, you play as a dashing young lad, named Alex, who is sent off on a quest to stop November Nelly, an alien of sinister intentions, before they destroy the balance of the seasons.

Defeat monsters, hoard gold, level up, collect babies, and make friends along the way! (plus much, much more)

•Over 30 unique monsters to fight!

•Never-before-seen gameplay mechanics!

•4 entire boss fights, each having a new mechanic!

•Epic animation to really get your blood pumpin'!

•3 unforgettable friends to accompany you!

•Loads of wacky characters to meet along your journey!

•4 massive main areas to explore!

•3+ hours of total gameplay!

Install instructions

Step 1: Press the "Download" button.

Step 2: Open the file.

Step 3: Extract into any folder of your choice.

Step 4: Open the extracted file.

Step 5: Launch "Game.exe".

Step 6: Enjoy the game!


BBNN.zip 31 MB

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